Neha is a brown woman, a mother and an artist at heart, as well as a lead generation and business strategist on a mission to UNMUTE the voices, mindset and businesses of women who want to be trailblazers and be heard. Neha is also the host of the Brown Women Unmuted podcast

What is your life purpose? Big question right? Right! It often seems to me that when this topic is being discussed there are suggestions that you need to do a lot of seeking and searching to FIND your life purpose, however my guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Neha Awasthi disagrees. How and why she disagrees is going to be something I won’t reveal to you now – but encourage you to simply listen in to Neha’s beautiful, soulful and I believe deeply spiritual way of looking at our life and any given moment we are blessed with. This is the sort of episode that might just see you take a big exhale OUT both during and at the end – and change the way you view life and your purpose differently and forever more. 


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