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Natalie Miles is an international Psychic Medium, Writer, Speaker, and Host of the top spiritual podcast “So You Think You’re Intuitive?” Known for her down-to-earth approach, it is her mission to make intuition accessible to everyone. In her work with individuals and groups, she guides clients to use their intuition to look at what’s holding them back in the here and now, empowering them to take action on their inner truths. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

You are intuitive. You know that right? Even if your intuition may feel distant to you or even a bit ‘off’ at times, or even many times, you still are an intuitive soul. We all are in our own way. And it is the amazing work of my guest today on The Priestess Podcast – Natalie Miles – who is making it a part of her life’s work to ensure that you not only know this about yourself, but should you desire, you cultivate it deeply as well. And for any of you who know what it is like to be very attuned with your intuition and soul voice you will know that it is very much something that can support your own power, personal sovereignty and decision making in the world in the very best possible way. Natalie is here with us today to support you to lean into your intuition more and indeed have it become a part of your most powerful self and way of being.