Nadine Lee is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, birthed from her passion for supporting and empowering others in connecting to the sacred within and without.  A Tantra Yoga Teacher; Energy Healer and Nutritionist; Nadine practices nutrition for the soul through connection to the heart.
Nadine is passionate about supporting others to break free from whatever is holding them back from living their truest potential. She adores supporting and empowering people to connect to their essence and  infuse this through how they show up in the world. She offers her light through Events and Retreats, Resources and Coaching.
In ancient times a woman’s moon cycle and blood was seen to be potently powerful and worthy of celebration.  In more modern times we have lost our connection to the womanly power that is our menstrual blood and how we can experience it with beauty and grace.  In this episode of The Priestess Podcast Nadine Lee inspires us to get that connection back.