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Nadine McNeil is the Founder of BadAsana Series: Yoga with Free Weights, a Yoga Instructor, Wisdom Mentor, Public Speaker and Woman’s Circle Global Facilitator. Her career within the United Nations serving at locations across the globe, is what guided her towards yoga, primarily as a necessary tool for self-care while serving in volatile, conflict scenarios. Now fully devoted to the “democratization of yoga” Nadine designs and delivers experiential workshops for seasoned yogis as well as those who may not ordinarily be exposed to yoga, highlighting its rich benefits as a viable tool for peace.

Get ready to be inspired by Yogi and Global Empress Nadine McNeil, joining us all the way from Jamaica on The Priestess Podcast today. In this deep and soulful conversation Nadine shares with us what it means to her to walk through the world with the title of and embodiment of the empress archetype, her sacred spiritual practices, the courage and transition we have all moved through in these difficult global times over the past year (and continuing) and her commitment to the democratisation of yoga. We go here. We go there. We go everywhere. There are some chats and interviews that just through their own spirit and magick – cannot be contained or held in one space – and this is one of them. Leaning into the power of Nadine you will soon see why.