Myriam Llano is an emotional eating coach, nutritionist and the creator of The Divine Renewal Program™ for women who are ready to stop numbing their emotions and abandoning their bodies. Myriam helps women move beyond emotional eating into a new way of living by healing their personal, unique relationship with food and their often painful relationship with themselves.

Myriam believes that issues with food and body image are deeply rooted and the secret to overcoming emotional eating is learning to feel all your feelings…even the painful ones. Calories are not your enemy. Your appetite is not shameful. What you are really craving is a divine, feminine reunion with your sacred self.

Believing that women who are experiencing emotional eating concerns are disconnected from their feminine soul, Myriam Llano has a unique story to share of her own relationship with food and her body. Now an emotional eating coach and nutritionist, Myriam shares with us in this episode of The Priestess Podcast how truly feeling all our emotions and feelings is the gateway to feeding our feminine essence.