Mimi Young is the founder and plant spirit medicine practitioner of Ceremonie, a ritual-based brand that offers shamanic aura care and skincare and mystic wellness education. Mimi works with a blend of modalities including core shamanism and botanical healing, hedge magick, crystal healing, and other forms of mysticism, with a focus on unifying the subconscious with the conscious, past lives work, manifesting, and divine feminine awakening. She enjoys a non-linear career path in clean technology, literacy and numeracy education, and product design, which enriches her work in aromatherapy and plant spirit medicine.

The power of plants and earth magick is at the heart of this episode of The Priestess Podcast with shamanic practitioner Mimi Young. Sharing with us her process for working with plants and the stories she believes they contain within, Mimi takes us on a magickal journey deep beneath the earth’s surface and into her conscious beauty creations for the modern spiritual woman.


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