Michaela Rosandich is a workshop facilitator, speaker and fear alchemy and cycles superpowers life coach. Michaela is a passionate advocate for tracking the cycles – menstrual, circadian, seasonal and lunar. She supports high achieving wonder women to discover that their changing energy each day is both normal and predictable. And when they change their workflow to meet their changing energy, that’s when they engage their cycle superpowers and real magic happens and they become more productive, resilient, and even more successful! Michaela is sassy, quirky, deeply pragmatic and loves sequins.

Making a commitment to write, journal or track something in your life involves just that – a commitment. However we have likely all had an experience at least once in our lives where doing so has reaped us enormous rewards. That little bit of discipline can go a LONG way! On The Priestess Podcast today we are learning from our wonderful guest Michaela Rosandich about how tracking our cycles – and especially that of the moon – can help us lead richer, fuller and more wonderful lives. Lady Luna is there for us to freely access Her power and wisdom every day if we choose. And if you do choose – believe me when I tell you and as Michaela shares with us today – you will be so glad that you did in a multitude of ways.