Mariam Issa is a human rights activist focusing on the rights of refugees and developing the strengths and confidence of women in Australia and Africa. Mariam cofounded RAW – Resilient Aspiring Women – a not-for-profit organisation focused on building community and social spaces for women to connect in. She draws experience from an oral culture of storytelling and is frequently invited to speak on developing resilience and how to start compassionate conversations at a community level.

Mariam holds an Ambassador of Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation and is an Ambassador for the Human Rights and Arts Film Festival. Mariam speaks English, Somali, Swahili and and Arabic, and in all languages she speaks her mind.

Mariam Issa is the womanly embodiment of resilience, courage and survival. Arriving in Australia as a refugee with nothing more than a desire to be safe, together with her family, she has thrived to become a leader in not just her own community but for all women throughout Australia and beyond. She is humble, deeply wise and outstandingly committed to ensuring women’s voices are held and nurtured in nature through her RAW Garden. Mariam is an inspiration to me and I know many others and the sharing of her life and spirit on The Priestess Podcast today will renew your faith in…everything.