Mariaestela is a spiritual business mentor, catalyst and facilitator as well as host of the show and podcast The Magdalene Voices. She supports soul driven heart based entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising with the expression of their divine purpose through their business in 1:1 sessions and masterminds. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, a tiny nation in the cold north surrounded by water, Mariaestela now resides far outside of the city close to nature where she can easily dig her bare feet into dirt and meditate under an open sky. She is one of the thousands whose life has been transformed by the principles and teachings of A Course in Miracles.

Mary Magdalene was the very last person I ever thought would come to me as a guide in my life.  Why I had that thought I am still not really sure but come to me she did while journeying through an intense shamanic experience and I am so blessed to say she is still with me and a large part of my own spiritual counsel.  Mary to me embodies love, heart, faith, courage, strength, commitment and my guest on the Priestess Podcast today Mariaestela Gullestrup is right there with me. As the host of The Magdalene Voices podcast, Mariaestela shares her special love of Mary and her own thoughts on who Mary the woman was – which are quite different at this point in time in my life – to my own.  It makes for a rich and wonderful conversation about the extraordinary spiritual leader that Mary was.