Maree Eddings is a teacher of transformational leadership for womxn, the creatrix of the Influence Womxn Collective and leadership programs, a speaker and podcaster. She works with womxn who are 40 and beyond who have big visions to change the world. They are luminaries, change makers and heart centred entrepreneurs who want to know how to leverage their divine nature in the roles of leadership and business. They are done with the status quo and carrying around other people’s energy and responsibilities. They are here to connect to their wisdom, power and TRUTH so that they are the influential voice in the room. Maree’s mission is to help womxn activate their divine voice so they can be the change leaders they have come here to be.

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Priestess Maree Eddings for a number of years now but I don’t mind admitting to you that in this interview ahead – she deeply surprised, challenged AND delighted me. And that’s a wonderful thing when you know someone! Maree is an amazingly magnetic leader of women and in this episode today she shares with us her thoughts on how to ignite your own personal influence, the spiritual meaning she believes that has and what true power really is. And believe me when I tell you that is likely NOT to be what you have been taught great leadership was in school, nor the examples of it we see in our white male dominated world today. Get ready to be ignited in this episode of The Priestess Podcast today!