Madison is a 4x international award winning life coach, speaker, and creator of Awaken Her Soul, a 14 week mentorship program designed to help womxn embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and full expression, Madison coaches ambitious and creative women as shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves. Madison is located in Springfield, Missouri and calls the Midwest home. She has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution and legal mediation, and is a proudly Certified BYCA Coach.

When we dive into the world of spirituality and all that can open up for our hearts and souls, it can be very easy to gloss into and over all the aspects of spirituality, religion and worship that may in fact not be that glossy at all. For some people, their experience within the realms of their spiritual choices and exploration is one that is filled with deep isolation, questioning, heavy expectations and even trauma. The journey from and through that, to not just a sense of, but a totally sovereign embodiment of, spiritual freedom, can be a rocky one. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Madison Morrigan – bravely shares her story of finding spiritual freedom from the oppressive religion she found herself in as a teen and young woman. It’s a journey filled with sadness, anger and frustration, but also hope, power and grace – all words that are fitting to describe Madison and the gifts she is bringing into the world now through her loving presence.