Luna Grace Isbell-Love is a Transformational Leadership Mentor and Host of the podcast, Radical Remembrance. With a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Luna assists today’s leading changemakers in aligning their path of service and presence to be in congruence with their Soul Purpose. She provides supportive, life-promoting experiences, emotional mastery tools and spiritual wisdom to cultivate deep inner knowing within each person she works with.

Leadership is a BIG topic and there are so many ways we can discuss it, think about it and live it as well. In saying that however, for so long now I think that leadership has been presented to us in a very narrow way, and where it is supposedly deeply tied with things such as power and authority. I absolutely love that we are now starting to both talk about, see, and live leadership as human beings in such a way that involves us talking about it in terms of empathy, compassion, heart  and radical responsibility. And my guest on The Priestess Podcast today Luna Grace Isbell-Love is the perfect person to do that with. You are soon about to hear Luna speak of leadership in a way that you may never have before, and if that is the case, I hope it opens your eyes and heart to the knowing that you too are a leader and can be more so if you choose.