Lola Medicine Keeper is an alchemystic guide, a healer of soul loss, a ceremonialist, a pattern tracker, a soul whisperer to the wild animal within. She walks with those on the path to Awakening. Her work is designed to help you remember that you are powerful, imbued with magic, and designed for ecstasy. You are all things sacred and a house for the holy, and your world is meant to be a playground for all beings (including you). If you crave an unleashing, come explore her offerings including worldwide guided play retreats, large and small group immersions, ritual design, guided healing, soul mentoring and her free Podcast.

All of us are on our own spiritual journey as human beings.  This challenging podcast episode with Guide and Priestess Lola Medicine Keeper is all about keeping our spiritual superiority ‘in check’ and doing our best not to judge others who may not be taking the same spiritual path or living by the same moral, ethical or behavioural codes that we do.