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Lettie Sullivan is a priestess in the 13 Moon Lineage and the Creatrix of the Goddess Ministry, an organization whose mission is to help anchor spiritual practices centered in the Divine Feminine archetypes, metaphysical principles and cosmic time cycles. Lettie is also an inspirational speaker, a professional organizer, a life coach, and an author. Her most recent essay appears in the new anthology Sovereign Unto Herself: Release Co-Dependencies and Claim Your Authentic Power, published by Flower of Life Press.
Lettie is a senior priestess and mentor in Priestess Presence, an online temple space with more than 19,000 members, and on behalf of the temple, has been leading Eclipsing Injustice, a series of ritual events to heal racial trauma and amplify love. Lettie is also a mother of three, and is joining us today from her home in Oak Park, Illinois.

When I first read the words ‘Goddess Ministry’ I felt transported into a beautiful world of possibility and hope – for both our present and future. I see the healing of our world to be so deeply connected to the power of people reclaiming their innately divine and spiritual nature. People who believe in community, collective care, the facing head on of injustice and inequality, and the opening of pathways for us all to heal – and compassionately witness others do the same. And so it’s not going to be a surprise to you that in finding the creatrix of The Goddess Ministry – Lettie Sullivan – that I wanted to have her as a guest on The Priestess Podcast. Lettie’s journey, work and presence is an inspiration and since we conducted this interview, I have had the joy of sitting in a virtual circle with her and soaking in her wisdom even further. Blessings to you all as we begin this 2021 year of The Priestess Podcast with this very special guest.