Lee Noto_The High Priestess (1)
Lee is an Intimacy & Self-Expression Coach who helps women become masters of authentic self-expression, embodied confidence, and intimacy. She uniquely integrates psychology and sensuality, and shares powerful communication tools and somatic practices that allow clients to connect deeply to their own bodies. By guiding clients into deeper self-love, self-acceptance, curiosity, and play, Lee helps them boldly open their hearts in order to give and receive the epic love they desire.

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Lee Noto, believes there is a High Priestess in all of us. Now that may feel or seem hard to believe for some of you which I fully appreciate, but when you listen in to Lee and her own priestess journey and her embodiment of this archetype in life, sexuality, health, creativity and life purpose, I have a feeling you may just see a little bit – or even a lot of yourself – in her words. Let’s dive into the deep and rich world of the High Priestess Archetype.