Larissa O’Neill is a being of light and love, a sacred vessel for women’s wisdom, a Priestess Keeper of the Temples and cosmic woman of the stars. Along with her Soul Sista Trace her soul purpose is creating sacred revolution for women to step into their allness and self-mastery, fully  heart-centred and soul-driven. She and Trace model circular leadership in support of one another and in service to the collective so everyone rises into the fullness of their self.

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Larissa O’Neill, is an incredibly gifted and experienced space holder. Larissa considers herself to be a sacred vessel for women’s wisdom and when you hear her speak and share about her work you will soon understand that to be true. How is it that we can see ourselves as sacred vessels when we desire to hold deep space for others? And how can we come to learn and understand that doing this work and being in service to others requires us to always, but always, be in deep service to ourselves? Larissa shares this and so much more in this inspiring episode today.