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Lara is an Egyptian teacher of the mysteries, ritualist and storyteller, who has devoted her life to guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and consciousness raising through pilgrimages and the wisdom teachings of Ancient Egypt. Lara blends her Egyptian heritage with her current home in Bali, using it as a laboratory to master the art of ceremony. Through her rich exposure and connection to these cultures she has come to believe that the world is a ceremony and our lives are the offering. Through her studies under the mentorship of esteemed teachers and healers in the fields of Shamanism, Kathara, Egyptian Alchemy and the art of Ritual, she has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of creating ceremonial space and building a relationship with the unseen to guide ritual and ceremony. She is simultaneously a forever student and teacher of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and is devoted to sharing this knowledge with those who are ready to receive it.

When I first heard the term Chat GPT I thought the person saying it to me had made a mistake and meant something else entirely. Clearly I was wrong and both Chat GPT and other forms of AI are now here with us – and look very much like staying. In a world that is now moving technologically in such rapid ways – where do we as spiritual, feeling, emotive human beings fit with that? And how can we learn to live with and even embrace these new forms of intelligence while also acknowledging and honouring the ancient intelligence that lives within all of us. My guest today Lara Maysa is a true revolutionary in that very thing. She has a passion for the wisdom and intelligence of Ancient Egypt – a part of her own heritage – and I know you are going to love how she brings that intelligence into our modern times, sharing with us ways we can both look and be inspired by the past, be grounded in the present and look to the future as well.



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