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Katie Kurtz (she/her) is a rising thought leader on trauma-informed practices & its application across multi-disciplinary industries. Katie is the creator of the Trauma Competencies Model™  & Trauma-Informed Space Holding (TISH) Blueprint™ which are the foundations for her trainings and consultation to skillfully equip leaders of all kinds to hold space with more capacity, integrity & humanity.  Her leadership has been awarded & internationally recognized within both the social work and coaching fields. Katie is a BYCA Certified Coach and holds a Master of Social Work & is a licensed independent social worker with supervision designation in the State of Ohio. 

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that trauma and all its nuanced meanings for us as human beings is having a very spotlighted moment right now. And given we are all traversing a global pandemic that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us. Do you actually know however what trauma is? And isn’t? And when someone says they are trauma informed – or you say you are trauma informed – what that actually means? And also ethically does not mean as well? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Katie Kurtz, is a rising thought leader on trauma informed practices and she is here with us to dive deeper into this vital topic. If you professionally hold space for people in any capacity – this episode is a must listen. And even if you do not do that – please know that you are still a space holder in your life for your family, friends, peers and more in so many ways. And being trauma informed as a human being, and not just a professional, is therefore vital for the humanity and brave connection for us all.




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