Katherine Mackenzie Smith ig
This episode of The Priestess Podcast might be about to bust a myth or belief you have wide open. And so get ready. If you think your soul work is all about what you do for a living or to earn money – my guest today Katherine Mackenzie Smith is here to lovingly challenge that notion and – put honestly – get you to think much bigger, deeper and wider about yourself and your reason for being here in this life than that. Katherine has a truly divine way of expressing the depths of what it means to be human – in all our mess, loveliness, shadow and imperfect perfection. This is a conversation that may just change your life and have you viewing what you ‘do’ and who you truly are, in a whole new light.


Katherine Mackenzie Smith is a business, and leadership coach, ideas alchemist, energy and soul medicine practitioner, and host of the popular League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast.
Katherine believes small businesses can have big impacts, quiet voices can mobilise the masses, and that radical empathy and compassion can make way for deeper conversations, connection, and real change that includes as many voices as possible. Through her 1:1 mentoring, programs, speaking, writing, and space holding, Katherine supports quiet, sensitive souls to create powerful energetic foundations for their business, soulful strategy to align with their big vision, and the space to explore their own radiance.