Karen Aird

Karen is the creator and owner of the most peaceful place in Western Australia – Clear Mind Studio, as well as a stress and mindset coach. In her coaching, Karen uses her signature framework, The Clear Mind Method, to help people reassess and transform their mindset so that they can reduce their stress and create a more aligned, empowered and calm lifestyle. Her studio – Clear Mind Studio – is a beautiful wellness space built to help you clear your mind and calm your nervous system with floatation therapy, infrared and Finnish sauna, ice baths, massage and yoga, leaving clients clear, calm and relaxed for days. Karen is originally from Scotland, but now lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband, Craig, baby Mackenzie and golden retriever Amber.

Let’s face it. When we are undergoing a spiritual awakening, transformation or personal discovery path of any kind, it’s not something that is always filled with flowers, dreamy meditations and heart-swelling moments of newness and innate confidence. It can in fact be a time that is dark, challenging and filled with stress. And I could not think of anyone more amazing to speak to our spiritual journeys and the role that stress may play in those than my guest today Karen Aird. Karen runs an incredibly successful wellness centre and has developed a signature method for supporting people to work with stress in their lives – which is something of course we all experience in varying ways. I hope you love this episode ahead. Something tells me that the practical support within it is going to be so helpful for you.



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