Jolinda Johnson is a Women’s Health Coach who believes that painful periods, imbalanced hormones, and uncontrolled stress should be the exception for the modern-day woman – not the norm. Through combining her skills as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and a Priestess with exceptional intuitive gifts, she approaches women’s health from all angles: body, mind, and soul, helping her clients live in harmony with their cycles, feel safe in their skin, and ultimately return home to themselves. 

So I’m going to tell you something quite obvious as we feel into this episode of The Priestess Podcast today – but in saying that maybe it isn’t so obvious as I think. Your health and wellbeing is about so much more than what you eat or how much exercise you do. So. Much. More. And while I think this IS something that more and more of us are realising as we begin to incorporate an understanding of things such as our sleep, sexuality and mindset as other elements of health, how much do we really think about our spirituality and it’s connection to our health? I’m certainly not seeing it spoken about a great deal which is why I am so grateful for our guest today – Priestess and Women’s Health Coach – Jolinda Johnson. Jolinda is about to share with you infinite ways our spirit and health are interconnected and why it is so vital for our wholeness that we continue to see them as so.