Je Tuan Jones is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Advisor. She uses her spiritual gifts and talents to help women live their best lives and restore their own intuition. Je Tuan is a Ph.d. Candidate of Metaphysics, Master Reiki Healer, and more. She strongly believes in the strength of women and often shares her personal tragedies and triumphs as examples for just how much women can accomplish.

I have always been fascinated by people’s journeys and experiences with the Goddess, most likely because it has been such a rich and beautiful part of my own spiritual path. And of course I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that no two journeys are the same – just as there are no two Goddesses the same either.

My guest today on the Priestess Podcast is High Priestess Je Tuan Jones and she shares with us in an incredibly powerful and also vulnerable way her own spiritual journey and work with the Goddess. How She came to her at a time when she was so needed and also how Je Tuan believes (just as I do) that the Goddess is a reflection of who we are at any given time and that is something that can change, grow and evolve over time.