Jessamyn Stanley is a yogi who breaks all the stereotypes. The self-professed fat femmes trademark confrontational approach to tackling big topics like fat-shaming, body image and the tyranny of unattainable beauty standards, has garnered her a fanatic following, national media attention, and acclaim as an internationally celebrated yoga instructor whose fans flock to her sold-out classes. In her debut book EVERY BODY YOGA: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body Jessamyn offers an unprecedented new guide to yoga for anyone whose aspirations have been tempered by insecurity. The result is an accessible, uplifting, and often hilarious approach for everybody, and every body.

In this frank and warm hearted conversation on The Priestess Podcast, author and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley talks about her debut book Every Body Yoga and her passion for fat and body acceptance. Every Body Yoga is a must read for anyone who has ever felt shame or been disheartened in a yoga or exercise class about whether or not they truly belong there. Jessamyn’s personal story of self-love and acceptance is at once funny and relatable and also deeply steeped in social justice.