Jerico Mandybur a writer, an intuitive guide and a spiritual self-care coach committed to intersectional healing. She’s the author and creator of the book and tarot deck, “Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self-Care, Healing & Empowerment,” and the upcoming “Daily Oracle: Answers From Your Higher Self.” She’s also host of the hit podcast, “Self Service.” With an extensive background in media, Jerico Mandybur was the founding editorial director of Girlboss – defining and growing the brand before taking the leap into spiritual leadership. Her work has been featured everywhere from Refinery29, Bustle, The Guardian, the ABC, Marie Claire, and many more – and she’s spoken on stage at events ranging from the Girlboss Rally, Pinterest’s In The Making Summit, and the Teen Vogue Summit.

I remember the first time I saw a tarot deck – it was in a movie – and shuffling the cards was a very cranky looking crone who was about to use them to dispense some hard learned wisdom to the young woman sitting opposite her. From that moment on I believed for a long time that tarot cards were really only something that someone else used to read for you and that they were used to tell your fortune. Many moons later I have now come to understand tarot as something that is a creative tool for self-expression and spiritual journeying and as my wonderful guest today – Jerico Mandybur – is about to share with us for self-care and healing as well. If you have never thought of using tarot for your own wellness before Jerico is about to share with you how you can do exactly that.