Hinetera is an Embodiment Goddess, Dance Facilitator, Womb Worker, Connecter of Conscious Community and Courageous Heart Follower. Empowering women to follow the wisdom of their bodies, fine tuning your internal compass to navigate a beauty-full life. Remember the truth of who you are that you’re so loved and supported, that you hold all the answers within your magnificent being. Calling back all parts of self, tapping in and honouring your inner knowing and loving yourself into wholeness.

We all have a body right? Right. But how connected are we to that body even though it is the thing that allows us to breathe, and hopefully do many other things as well such as eat, move, hug and more? You would think we would be very connected but often due to things such as trauma, pain and avoidance, we are disconnected from our bodies and not appreciative for all they do for us. This in turn impacts our spiritual journeys and development, as our guest on The Priestess Podcast today Hinetera Marino shares with us. Hinetera explains what true embodiment really is and how we can engage in simple but powerful practices to truly ground ourselves in the divine homes that house our hearts and souls.