Hemma Haridin is an Author, Healer and Entrepreneur. She created the Ascended Entrepreneur Mastery School to show you how to bridge the gap between your spiritual practice and your business, so you can change the planet and upgrade our civilization. Hemma’s book  From Homeless To Healer established her as an embodiment of the truth that everything you need is already within. Her purpose is to show you how to access your divine power as a Creator in order to experience the life you truly deserve using your Soul’s unique Blueprint.  

What is your divine power? And how is it different to simply your personal power? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Hemma Haridin – is about to explain this to you in such a rich, beautiful and accessible way that your life might never quite be the same again. That’s a big call I know…but I’m standing by it. You’re about to hear Hemma’s magick as a healer, serial entrepreneur and master guide come forth in such a way that you will be deeply compelled to listen to her wisdom…as a direct portal to accessing your own.