Helen Jacobs is the founder and creative director of The Little Sage, as well as an intuitive, psychic, channel and soul healer.  As part of her own Intuitive Living journey, Helen followed her little sage and adventured away from a successful career in PR, making the brave leap into creating The Little Sage, moving deeper and deeper into her truth and her soul blueprint. Today, Helen works with a Spiritual Support Team she calls “Chris”. This team includes a collaboration of spirit guides, angels, archangels and ascended masters whose messages she channels and offers to The Little Sage community.

Your intuition is one of the most powerful gifts you can harness as a woman.  Renowned guide and psychic Helen shares with us in this episode of the Priestess Podcast her wisdom on how we need to see our intuition as a relationship that requires nurturing, time and patience.  And when given those things, it can reward us with personal insights that can positively change the trajectory of our life.