Heather is a Transformational Coach and Sacred Space Holder for Women and a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and Artist. Inspired by her own healing journey to dismantle internalized oppression, she is passionate about helping womxn to reclaim their bodies, minds, and spirits from the intergenerational impact of slavery, colonization, racism, sexism, and misogyny. Her methodology combines the best of modern psychology with ancient Tantric and Taoist practices, skills as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, and the wisdom of her lived experience as a multiracial woman of color. Heather has an A.B. in Theatre Arts, is a graduate of the Diversity Leadership Institute, National Diversity Practitioners Institute and The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She has presented at various schools, organizations and conferences and in addition to private coaching, Heather holds Women of Color Healing Circles, teaches Jade Egg Liberation Basic Workshops, and co-facilitates New Moon Magic Sisterhood Circles in Los Angeles, CA.

We are talking all things jade eggs on The Priestess Podcast today. And I couldn’t imagine a better person to do that with than the wonderful Heather Rebecca Wilson. Heather explains to us the ancient beginnings of the jade egg practice and how it was used by priestesses then, to its eventual modernisation now. Heather in particular shares how using a jade egg can enhance not just our sex life but our pelvic floor health and even ability to be able to heal from sexual, racial and ancestral trauma. It’s amazing to listen in to a woman speak so passionately about such an ancient practice in a fresh and modern way.