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Hayley Carr is a 9 X Karate World Champion, vintage vespa-riding, country-dwelling, tea enthusiast, in the business of happiness. A Life, Love, Leadership & Business Coach Hayley is on a mission to end violence against women through teaching feminine leadership, financial empowerment and environmental and emotional sustainability in high pressure and high-achievement focused circumstances. Her transformational mindset through her events, courses, and coaching creates powerful, resourceful and authentic leaders, creating rapid, lasting changes and impossible results.

Have you ever drunk a feargarita? Not a MARgarita but a FEARgarita? Well I didn’t even know that such a concoction existed until I read about it on the website of my Priestess Podcast guest today – Hayley Carr. And in this interview ahead you’re about to dive into the world of this mindset maven and world champion sportswoman who is going to encourage you to DRINK UP! Hayley is one of the most incredible coaches I know in the personal development field right now. She has a particular passion for supporting incredible people with their mindset and how they can, in particular, dance with fear and uncertainty and make it work for them in every aspect of their calling. And so…the bar is open everyone. Step up and have a drink with Hayley and I today to move from fearful to fierce!