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Fionnuala is a spiritual life and business coach who specialises in supporting young women to uncover their purpose so that they can create a life and career or business that feels beautifully aligned with their greatest potential. She weaves the magic of energetics, reiki, mindset, yoga and meditation techniques into her coaching to help her clients bring forth who they truly are and create the life, career or business their soul desires.

The world of women’s friendships are often romanticised. Hollywood dreams of best friends forever and being there for each other through thick and thin are presented as the norm of what we all should have and be experiencing – but the reality can be far from that ideal. For many if not most of us, we carry a sister wound of some kind when it comes to our friendships and connections to other women, and that wound can vary in size and impact in our lives in so many ways. My beautiful guest on The Priestess Podcast today is Fionnuala Doherty, a life coach and yoga teacher, who has an emerging passion for helping women create soul aligned friendships and address their own inner worlds and woundings when it comes to their friendships and connection to their own version of sisterhood. Fionnuala herself has had deeply challenging experiences in this area in her own life and is now on a heart centred mission to support all of us who are craving the belonging that comes with true and reciprocal friendships in our lives.


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