Ev’Yan Whitney is a writer, sensualist, and sexuality doula—a person who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women and femme-identifying folk who are seeking to come into the full expression of their erotic selves. When she’s not writing or taking sexy selfies on Instagram, she’s helping women step out of sexual shame and into their erotic power via one-on-one coaching and intimacy counseling. Ev’Yan is also the host of The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, which is an ongoing sex-positive dialogue that highlights, celebrates, and encourages the sexually liberated woman.

Is it possible for one woman’s journey to finding and reclaiming her sexual self to inspire thousands of others to do the same?  If you are sexuality and sensuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney – it certainly is.  Ev’Yan speaks to all things erotic empowerment in this episode of The Priestess Podcast and why she loves to take and share sexie selfies.