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Erika Cramer, The Queen of Confidence, is an international confidence coach and popular 5 star podcast host. The Cardi B of the personal development world, Erika is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker, with a large dose of heart and humour. After surviving many traumatic experiences, from childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster care system, car accidents and a whole lot of loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph. Her mission is clear and she is unstoppable: Create a global, EMPOWERED community of women who want DEEP CONNECTION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and ENCOURAGEMENT to go for the life they desire.

Sometimes when we talk about things like developing confidence and sovereignty and being in charge of our own life, the narrative around that can make it sound somewhat easy. Make this decision! Change your mindset! Choose a different path! And while all of those things, and many more, may indeed help, it does not mean that the changes or transitions or releasing they require are actually easy, or feel great all the time. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Erika Cramer, is known as the Queen of Confidence and her spin on confidence is that it does NOT always feel great to develop it. Developing confidence and being the Queen of your own life can at times mean making tough decisions, shaking in your boots, needing to push through something and change old habits and stories you’ve comfortably held on to for a long time. The great news is however that on the other side and through such times is a renewed or even newly found sense of self that will place you at the centre of your own life and confidently knowing who you are and what you’re really here to do.