Through practical spirituality, historical + evolutionary perspectives, powerful rituals, sacred sisterhood, and soulful business + leadership coaching, Emily gives women entrepreneurs permission to reconnect with their feminine essence and wisdom in all areas of their lives + business, so that they can deeply align with who they are, why they’re here, and what they feel called to do about it. Emily supports women to harmonize their feminine + masculine energies and grow aligned, fulfilling, and successful businesses from a place of enlivened flow instead of exhausted hustle.

Is it really possible to be both strong and soft as a person? Can you have boundaries and also be vulnerable with yourself and others?  What does it truly mean to be strong? Does softness mean what we really think it does? We dive into all of these questions and more today on The Priestess Podcast with my guest Emily Cassel. Emily was once a highly self-critical type A perfectionist who avoided vulnerability and softness in her life, until she realised both – combined with action orientated and forward moving strength – was the pathway to her own form of success and fulfillment. When you listen in to her journey and wisdom today you may just find it’s a pathway for you too.