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Elisha Tichelle is an alchemist of the nervous system for visionary leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs. Following a 20-year career as a somatic researcher and professor, Elisha now supports her clients to expand their nervous systems so their work can make a greater impact in the world – without burning out. Elisha’s facilitation guides an expansion of nervous system regulation, moving people out of operating from positions of stress and overwhelm into embodied states of flow, connection, and mastery. Elisha is the ‘behind the scenes’ priestess to some of the world’s most successful and well-known coaches. Through her training program ‘Evolution,’ she guides space holders, facilitators, and coaches into integrating nervous system work in their business and life.   

We are hearing a LOT right now about the nervous system – our nervous systems – and the role that they play in our healing, growth, spiritual development, capacity to hold space for ourselves and others and even just live with presence and reverence. And so yes – that makes these systems within us incredibly important. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Elisha Tichelle – is a true nervous system alchemist – especially for those of us who are heart centred entrepreneurs. What Elisha doesn’t know about the nervous system I’m not quite sure is worth knowing – THAT is how incredibly knowledgeable she is. I know you are going to revel in this episode ahead and will learn so much about the nervous system from a priestesses perspective that you might never have heard of before. 

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