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Elaine So is a Transformation Mentor who works with clients ready to transform their subconscious minds, activate their inner wisdom and meet their psychic selves. Her work brings together real-life stories, vulnerable shares, teaching from knowledge gained through real-life experiences and draws from multiple modalities including subconscious reprogramming, the energetic realms, shamanism and multi-dimensional vision. At the very core of her work, Elaine’s focus is to hold space and facilitate a remembering of who you really are free from conditioning, expectations and external belief systems. You will cultivate unshakeable trust within yourself.

There comes a time for all of us in our lives where we may need to undergo a complete inner transformation or even clean out of some kind. In fact, we may need to undergo or do such a thing many times. My Priestess Podcast guest today, Elaine So, calls this an inner revolution, and she has made it part of her life’s work to support women undergoing this transition. Elaine speaks to us today about this revolutionary undertaking and how it involves de-conditioning, curiosity, awareness, tapping into our intuition and even developing our psychic abilities. And she beautifully describes as well how when even just one of us undergoes inner revolution, we create the conditions collectively for it to be possible for us all.


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