You are…

Soft and spirited. Wise and wild.

Modern and mystic. Flowing and fiery.


There is a gentle burning heat that beats within your heart as you move through your days.  You want your earthly time to be filled with joy, freedom, sacredness and soul.  You want to be so much more than what you do for a living.  More than the role you play at home.  More than who you can even imagine yourself to be.

You are longing to explore and embrace your feminine spirit and be seen for all your beautiful and sacred sides.

Most of all by yourself.

The Divine Feminine Presence Ebook

Take my hand as I guide you through the ten feminine ways of being that are most dear to my heart as a modern day Priestess and can be embraced everyday to create a more richly luscious and gorgeous life.

They include the power of sacred ritual and devotion, the life cycles you experience both within your body and around you every day, and the power of both your sensuality and softness as a woman.  

We will also uncover together the Divine Feminine power of rest, embracing nature, learning to receive and so much more.

Filled with beautiful wisdom from women who have embraced the Divine Feminine in their own lives and businesses, this free ebook is a gift you will return to again and again.  Circle leaders, coaches, oracles, authors, speakers and healers – these eight incredible women share their journeys of feminine awakening and how they live with Divine spirit everyday in life, relationships, career and businesses.

If you are feeling the gentle whisper OR the wild roar of your Goddess within then the Divine Feminine Presence Ebook has been lovingly crafted for you.  More than 70 pages of beautiful and soulful reading, tips and insights into how you can embrace and embody your full feminine grace and power…just waiting for you to unfold with Her.

From my heart to yours – may She fill your days ahead with feminine flow, power, intuition, softness, strength and creative joy.  

I see the Goddess within you.  May you see her too.

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