Dr Mahdi Mason is a land healer, award winning author and environmental consultant. She recently released her second book ‘Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to heal ourselves’ to critical acclaim. Her passion is helping people to understand the importance of reversing our environmental impacts, not just reducing them.

I think by now it’s a reasonable thing to say that we are all aware of the practical things we need to do to take better care of this beautiful planet – the Mother Earth Goddess we live on. Recycling, reducing waste, saving water, eating locally and seasonally and so much more.

What we may not necessarily know a great deal about however is the role that we can play in healing the earth metaphysically and spiritually and even what a commitment to our own personal health has to do with that work as well. My incredible guest on the Priestess Podcast today Dr Mahdi Mason is a passionate environmental consultant and is here to share with us today ways we can metaphysically heal the planet in ways that don’t just reduce our harm but can in fact reverse them.