At the wonderful Soul Sister Circle event I was asked a question about how to consciously go about bringing more of the Divine Feminine into our every day lives.  I started to share just a few things and realised there was too many to speak of in that moment and so I offered to write and share some further suggestions with everyone.  And here they are now for you below.

Of course these suggestions about how to live a more divinely feminine life are my own.  If you were to ask a hundred other Priestesses and women they would likely have others.  And maybe you do too.  If that is the case I would love for you to share them with me in a comment below.


Divine Feminine Living


Divine Feminine Living


  • Consciously slow down. Wherever possible try to go about your day with less rushing, pushing and hurry. Create moments of space and stillness for yourself that allow you to breathe and just be.
  • Don’t immediately begin your day with technology or work. Give yourself time to do whatever feels enriching with no phone, laptop or work reports. As a woman you need time and space to ease into your day. Wonderful things to do include – yoga, walking, meditation, a nourishing breakfast or conscious breathing.
  • Tune in to your intuition. Your greatest source of wisdom lives inside you. When She (you!) speaks to you she is trying to tell you something for your higher good. The more you listen to Her the stronger your intuition will become – and the more you will live a heart centered life as a result.
  • Take note of your desires, feelings and needs – and nurture them. You are responsible for giving yourself what you need but you can’t do that unless you become really honest with yourself about what you want and desire in all aspects of your life – sexually, in wider relationships, in your career, work, business and more.
  • Become deeply connected to and in luscious love with your body. Find ways to move and become embodied in ways that make you feel sensually alive and alight.
  • Explore the world of meditation for the deepening of intuition, calm and presence it can bring to your life. It is the gateway to ‘empty presence’ and being able to receive Divine guidance from yourself and higher spirit.
  • Have fun with exploring Goddess and Divine Feminine archetypes for the ancient wisdom they can inspire you with as a modern woman. There are Goddesses you can call upon to help you have more courage, persistence and pleasure, as well as those who can help you bring more self-love, compassion and healing into your life.
  • Pay special attention to your shadow self. Instead of pushing aside any feelings you have of anger, jealousy, mistrust or fear – learn instead to see them as your teachers and guides to becoming a richer and more whole woman. There is no side of you that is bad. Only sides that are darker or lighter than others.
  • Find ways in your life to surrender and receive more. As women we are natural givers – and often over give to our own detriment. Practice the art of surrendering to others and receiving what they give and offer you.
  • If still of menstruation life stage, learn to honour your monthly cycle instead of tolerating it or even wishing it didn’t exist. This is one of your greatest powers as a woman and if your cycle causes you distress, make a pact that you will seek help for that. And if your cycle is medically fine, but you really don’t know a great deal about it such as when you ovulate, if you bleed with the new or full moon or in between – and what those things mean – become curious and explore! You will never regret getting to know this side of your body and yourself more.
  • Fall in love with the moon. This powerful feminine force is deeply connected to every woman’s body and Her cycles can help you to learn more about who you are and when it is good for you to do things like forge ahead with passion for something you want or rest and receive what the Universe has to offer you. The moon can also provide incredible guidance on the times of the month that you may feel different physical sensations and have different needs as well.
  • Spend more time in nature. Mother Earth is Mother to us all and her richness of soil, coolness of waves, strength of wind, lushness of trees and warmth of sun bring us inspiration, creativity, rejuvenation, relaxation and so much more. She is our lifeblood and source. Returning your feet, hands, heart and body to her as much as possible will allow you to be connected to Source at even greater levels.
  • Gather with women. Find ways to connect soulfully and meaningfully with women who you can build bonds, friendships and sisterhood with. This is our natural way of being with each other.

How do you go about creating Divine Feminine living in your life?  What works for you to feel more femininely alive, creative, sensual and embodied?  Please share with me below!

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