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In continuing in this current season of The Priestess Podcast to bring you more divine guests living in the crone stage of their life, I am so thrilled to be joined in this episode by Diana DuBrow. Diana is a Scent Priestess and filled with heart and wisdom. She has been in service to the world as a priestess for more than forty years, with a particular passion for the art of essential oils, sensory acuity and anointing. Get ready to be inspired by this truly incredible woman and her passion for sisterhood, the collective, and our ongoing spiritual awakening as leaders.

Diana DuBrow is a Scent Priestess and founder of The Emerald Temple. For over forty years, Diana’s intuitive and visionary gifts have been used to initiate women into the ancient art of Anointing, called “The Kiss of Spirit on the Body.” As an aromatic alchemist, Diana has created a line of high frequency anointing oils that are referred to as liquid light in a bottle. Diana is the co-founder of The Rosa Mystica Mystery School where her initiatory classes about holy oils and her Scent Priestess Anointing Certification Training takes place. Through the awakened path of the inner Magdalene a sisterhood has been birthed as women come home to their sacred gifts as Holy Anointers and Priestess’ in service to love.


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