Deb Macintyre
Shamanism. Shamans. Shamanic practices. So many myths and mistruths and misconceptions abound about them all. And so I am absolutely thrilled to be in conversation today with Deb Macintyre on The Priestess Podcast – a Shaman by birth and royal lineage. Deb’s grounded, practical and refreshing way of speaking to these topics is going to ignite your soul – it and she did mine. I left this conversation feeling empowered and even more ready to explore my own Celtic lineage and spiritual traditions. May you take inspiration from Deb’s words to potentially do the same.

Deb Macintyre is an internationally renowned Shaman and Spiritual Teacher. Deb was born in Kolkata, India and raised in Australia. She is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage. Deb’s ancestral Shamanic line extends deep into her genealogy, originating in Mongolia, Northern China and Tibet and spreading through Nepal and India. Deb has over 25 years coaching and mentoring experience in the corporate and private sectors. She is a Writer, Poet, Speaker and Transformational Life Coach. Through the practice and processes of Shamanism, Deb will guide you to a place of reconnection to your spiritual intuitive self.