Darla Antoine is an Okanagan First Nations Tribal Member, an ancestral healer and expert in food and culture. She grew up in her ancestral homelands in north eastern Washington State and is now homesteading in the high mountains of Costa Rica, trying to give her children roots where she is rootless. Darla believes that food is a forgotten sacred practice. Her work reminds us that gathering around food has the power to re-member us to our lineages, ancestral landscapes, our communities and ourselves.

Welcome to the 100th episode of The Priestess Podcast. I am so thrilled and grateful to have you hear as a listener.  And wow – what a guest I have for you on this 100th episode in Darla Antoine, Okanagan First Nations Tribal Member and ancestral healer. My conversation with Darla today touches on ancestral healing, why our ancestors are our greatest spiritual allies, death and dying, cultural appropriation in the spiritual world and the delicious power of food in connecting with our ancestors and cultural lineage. It is such a rich and deep topic to explore and one in which I am certain will inspire you, if you have not already begun, to adventure and learn to love and honour your own ancestral line.