Dr Danielle Arabena is a medical doctor, specialist and educator who, in spanning the realms of medicine and magic, has reclaimed herself as a healer. By blending her scientific and experiential knowledge, Danielle supports others on their sacred journey to wholeness. Danielle, a GP of Torres Strait Islander descent, was called by Spirit to follow a path of service, compassion, and healing. With an interest in holistic women’s health, menstrual wellness, and childbirth, she offers workshops, healing sessions and consultations. Danielle’s work honours the cycles of life, and through ritual, ceremony, and magic, she lovingly invites a re-connection with the authentic self.

Sometimes when you’re doing something live things don’t quite go to plan – or – do they? My brilliant and truly inspirational guest today Dr Danielle Arabena comes from a long line of indigenous people who honour the gift of life through story-telling and our interview today has in fact turned out to be more of a story and sharing of Danielle’s life and gifts as an indigenous doctor, healer, witch and blood priestess. Her story is one that has lessons and guidance in it for all of us.  It’s one to tune into with your whole heart for the messages it contains within that are especially for you.