Connie Chapman is a Life Coach, Speaker and Writer, empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to create lives they love (from the inside out). Through her international 1:1 coaching practise, online programs, and top-ranking podcast Awaken Radio, Connie has spent the past 6 years supporting hundreds of women and men to step into their full potential. Known for her authentic and soulful approach, Connie’s transformative work is all about slowing down, tuning in and living in alignment with your heart and inner wisdom.

I am sure you don’t need me to tell you, or remind you, that the pace with which so many of us live in this modern world is frenetic, frantic and frenzied. All the EFFS! There always seems to be so much to DO and just being as a human can feel some days like it’s a distant desire. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today is the luminous Connie Chapman, someone whose work and presence I adore. Connie truly embodies her values as a woman and a business owner and so when I invited her on the show to talk about her passion for slowing down – simply slowing down and living a slower and more thoughtful, intuitive, guided existence – I knew she would deliver just that. If you need to take a breath right now – a little one – a big one – or one anywhere in between – you’re going to love Connie and her simple but powerful sharings on how to slow down and tune in to the true depth of your own wisdom.