A disclaimer.

I know very little about connecting with angels. (Yet!) I have no stories to share with you of feeling as though my life is divinely known or touched by them, however it would seem as though others have known or seen this on my behalf. Which I think and feel to be so beautiful.

Over the past three years I have had two people tell me directly, and one via a trusted friend, that they had seen or felt the Archangel Michael in my presence; specifically while I was speaking on stage. And the really strange thing is that when this was first told to me, my reaction was one not of disbelief but rather wonderful intrigue and joy, especially as this first time the mention of him came via an incredible intuitive coach who was also a revered psychic. Then when two more people told me the same thing, I knew enough about angels to know that was them at work with me in some way.

And my investigations lead me to learning more about Archangel Michael as the most powerful and revered angel of them all and that (ahem) he’s a bit of a hottie. Get thyself on Google to search for yourself! Archangel Michael is the guardian of fire, a divine protector, and is often portrayed carrying a sword which he uses to assist us in slaying our fears and ego. And it makes perfect sense to me now that he was there while I was speaking, which I most often do about helping people overcome fearful and non-loving thoughts.

Connecting With Angels

And so when I saw a local workshop that was all about connecting with angels at a deeper level especially via the use of crystals, (run by the wonderful Adam Barralet), I was an eager sign up. I learned so much and particularly loved the focus on some of the lesser known angels we can both call upon and look out for in small ways every day. (So while my beloved Michael was spoken about, he had to put down his shiny sword and be out of the spotlight for the night. I’m not so sure he would of approved!). Here are some of the most fascinating things I learned at the workshop that I thought you might like to know too when it comes to connecting with angels in your own life.

  • There are considered to be more than 6000 known angels. That’s a LOT more than I ever thought!
  • What angels actually are can differ between people and even experts, but essentially they are a higher vibration of energy – light beings who we as people give form to. This is why when asked what Archangel Michael looks like, white people usually say he is white, but those who are Black or Asian will say he is of Black or Asian appearance.
  • Angels do not usually come to us in a whole form where we see them fully robed, wielding a trumpet or sword and flying about with their wings in full span. That requires far too much energy for them to do that and so they communicate to us through signs and symbols. This can be things such as feathers, rainbows, meeting someone new with a strong feeling of connection or that we have met them before, a flash of inspiration, touching something and getting shivers or a feeling of instant warmth, coincidences, and intense feelings of bliss and beauty.
  • The reason why connecting with angels is such a wonderful thing to do is that it allows us to tune into a small or specific part of Goddess/God/The Divine. Instead of asking all of the Divine for guidance we can connect with an angel who has known connections and powers in things such as protection, love, family, passion, or whatever else we are looking for support with. They are there for us as specific messengers, teachers and delivers of the Divine or greater spirit.
  • Each star sign of the Zodiac as a specific angel of influence and a crystal that you can work with to call them into your life and energy field.

It was such a wonderful and inspiring workshop, concluding with a beautiful meditation using the crystal Angelite – which is a lovely light blue colour and useful for all angelic prayers and work. I learned so much about angels and their beautiful presence and I think more than anything it has encouraged me to continue with my work of slowing down in my every day life and simply being more open and aware of the Divine signs and symbols that may be around me, but I am not really noticing as much as I could be. Those little feelings, sights, and smells, that tell me a beautiful being is with me or whispering to me to pay attention.

If you would like to ask me what the angel and crystal is for your star sign – leave me a comment below noting whether you are a Leo, Virgo, Aries etc – and I will gladly share.  

And I would also love to hear – do you feel as though you have had an angelic experience or have been connecting with angels for some time now? I would love to know more of your stories as I strengthen my own relationship to these beautiful messengers.