A San Francisco Bay Area native, Claudia completed her Bachelors at San Francisco State University Latinx Studies Program and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology, training in humanistic approaches to therapy. She has a passion for working with people of color to re-member and reimagine the way they heal together in today’s world. Claudia uses eight years of holistic life coaching experience and five years of apprenticeship in Mesoamerican tradition to support clients uncover their own inner wisdom around what health and healing mean for them.

The rich and beautiful word of traditional Indigenous medicine and pathways is bought to life today on The Priestess Podcast by my guest Claudia Parada. Claudia comes from a deep lineage of peoples from the Mesoamerican region and she considers herself to be on a lifelong path of learning from her elders and ancestors in all that she does. Claudia will inspire you today with her humility and wisely gentle approach to her healing work and once again show us how magickally transformative it is to forge a path of connection with our own spiritual culture – no matter where we come from.