Claire Obeid Cover

Claire is Mama, Magdalene Priestess, Womb Yoga and Womb Awakening Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Somatic Life Coach, Space-Holder and Ceremonial Facilitator. As a spiritual midwife, Claire reverently guides and holds space for her clients as they navigate soul-centred shifts, deep healing and spiritual awakening. Providing sacred support for life (re)alignment, inner attunement and embodied transformation. Since 2011 Claire has held the deepest respect for her clients and their healing pathway – a journey back to wholeness. She sees her role as a loving conduit for her clients to touch the very place within that needs attention, and to access their own inner healer and remedy. Remembering their sovereignty and cultivating a deep relationship with Soul and The Divine  along the way.

Claire Obeid is a truly special soul. Her incarnation in this lifetime I know is at least in part – to serve others on their spiritual path. In other words…she is a bonafide modern Priestess and space holder – with a particular love for the lineage and teachings of Mary Magdalene. In this episode Claire potently shares how she believes we are each our own medicine woman, healer and remedy. It is a sharing that is opening, empowering and sprinkled with more than a bit of Claire magick. Enjoy this beautiful episode ahead.