How connected are you to your body? Like, really? I know for me personally it is a personal relationship I have been working on for my entire life – and I know within myself will be one I continue with forever. My beautiful guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Christina Carlson – is an Embodiment Coach and they support people to become more deeply connected to and in right relation with their body, for the specific purpose of opening themselves up to their true divine nature and whole self. Being deeply embodied and connected is not something that Christina has experienced their entire life. They in fact grew up in circumstances where their body was something they were taught was not safe, or pleasurable, or to be trusted. Their journey to reclaiming their physical and divine self is inspirational and a guiding light to anyone who is searching for deeper connection to their physical realm.


Christina Carlson is an Embodiment and Intuitive Coach. They offer one on one coaching for women and nonbinary folk who are moving beyond deconstructing life, religion, and relationship and into a life of self-knowing, deep connection and peace. Christina is a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Graduate, Sensual feeler, and Human enthusiast. Her own journey of embodiment led her away from religion, and into discovering her own sexuality, and a new spirituality. She loves holding space for those processing big changes, and giving permission to those ready to explore all that is possible for them.