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I know that many of you who listen to The Priestess Podcast own your own businesses or desire to. And for those of you who don’t – believe me when I tell you that this episode ahead still has deep relevance for you too because in truth, it’s about life just as much as well. Che Johnson is a sacred leader in the space of gentle and ‘soul-stainable’ business. Her heartfelt desire is to ensure all heart based entrepreneurs have businesses that are gentle, caring and reflective of their own energy and needs – which clearly is in wild opposition to the push and hustle and grind culture that we sometimes see present in the online world. Che’s loving nature and wise words ahead on how to create a business that truly serves YOU as well as your clients is food for our souls.


Che is a Soulful Copywriter who uses words to help big-hearted humans grow their communities, elevate their wealth and make the world a better place. She is obsessed with personal expansion, vulnerable sharing and inspiring women to run their businesses in a way that is nourishing and sustainable.


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