Cassie Mendoza-Jones is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good (Hay House), and a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker. Through her writing, bestselling books, online courses, workshops, meditations, private sessions and social media presence, she supports women in getting clear on their next steps, working with their feminine energies, tuning into ease and flow, and increasing their clarity, confidence and energy.

In this episode of The Priestess Podcast we discuss failures, miss-steps, set-backs and life’s knocks with best selling Hay House Author Cassie Mendoza-Jones. Cassie has a wonderful way of bringing real perspective to these inevitable happenings in our lives and how we can truly learn and grow from them. She also shares with us how she accesses her higher guides and calls them in for help when she most needs them – and how you can too.