Cara Carin Cifelli is a Certified Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, author, podcast host, and avocado toast lover. Cara passionately provides the tools to help women leave behind dieting, disordered eating, and body shame so they can show up more fully in their life. This self-taught chef learned how to love food again as she was recovering from an eating disorder that she struggled with for 10 years. Her new cookbook, Vegan Buddha Bowls, includes delicious plant-based recipes that Cara has personally created with easy to find ingredients. You will find buddha bowls, nourishing salad bowls, plant-powered soups, and so much more!

One of the things that constantly delights me about having conversations with incredible women on The Priestess Podcast is how many deep and beautiful parallels and connections can be drawn between our spiritual growth and every aspect of our lives. It truly helps me – and I hope helps you too – see that we really are so much more than the body we walk around in and that concept is truly bought home today by my guest Cara Cifelli. Cara shares with us today her journey of experiencing an eating disorder and the patriarchal, societal expectations she believed was prominent in that developing for her AND how connecting with her own spirit and divine light within – way beyond what she looks like or does for a living – helped her to heal. It’s an inspiring journey that now sees Cara healthy, vibrant and well AND supporting other women to be the same. 

Having conversations with beautiful fellow Priestesses about the world of the Goddess totally lights me up! It’s a shared language and passion and experience that I find so uplifting and so it was to be the same with my guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Tia Johnson. Tia is a serious goddess devotee and works with Her in all aspects of her business. And today we riff on numerous goddesses including Frejya, Aphrodite, Lilith, Kali, Bridget and more about how influential they have been in her life and the magick she continues to weave and co-create with them in her business and own podcast now. Get ready for a goddess half hour of power!